GB7YZ is connected to Wires-X room 86043 (YSF 00-CQ-NW-UK) along with GB7DH, GB7DZ and GB7WH

Repeater Summary Details for GB7YZ (Now linked to GB7DH, GB7DZ and GB7WH)

Big thanks to Mike 2W0TDK for his help with getting GB7YZ on air!

Keeper/NoV holder:   Stuart Jackson [M0WTX]

Location/Whereabouts: Rhosesmor

Band: 70CM  (DVU38)     

Output frequency: 439.475MHz  RX Frequency: 430.475MHz

Mode: MMDVM MULTIMODE Capability but used in Fusion C4FM mode 24/7

For hotspots, you can also access via the 00-CQ-NW-UK reflector YSF 64296 which is hosted in the Azure UK South data centre, or Wires-X room 86043 (CQ-NW).


Live Stream


Alternatively, you can view system activity via the following dashboard link:


GB7YZ Motorola GM340 radios for TX RX
GB7YZ Not pretty but functional. MB7IDC on the right.